The Grandma Reporter is a collaborative publication project about senior women’s culture across the Earth.

image by Justin Dedini

We are a space for intimate exchange about: style, isolation, and adventure; aging bodies, wrinkles, bunions, caregiving, and death; considering the struggles of growing old in a young, technology-focused world; swimming as a magical way to keep fit in spite of on-land mobility challenges; food, genes, and other things passed through generations; lost loves, longings, and sex that evolves with age. Presenting perspectives that are tender, poignant, moving and humorous, we are energetically connecting our contributors, collaborators, and readers in a senior women’s culture movement.

Our first issue was on style. Our second issue on intimacy was released recently with a launch party at the Hollywood Senior Center in Portland, OR.

So far, this publication mainly reflects cisgender and hetero experiences of women who primarily grew up in the United States. There are more diverse perspectives beyond those here, and we hope they find spaces to be shared.

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Founder/Editor: Salty Xi Jie Ng

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