The Grandma Reporter is a publication on senior female culture (including the occasional geriatric male), exploring topics ranging from fashion, recipes, crime, love and adventure to bunions, caregiving, gender, aging bodies, ageism and death.

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The Grandma Reporter (TGR) is a publication committed to the subculture of senior females and their rich worlds existing across the earth, where elderly women have lived forever. TGR aspires to be accessible to young and old but especially to elderly women. We hope to energetically connect our readers, contributors and interviewees in a senior female culture movement. We believe in: proudly declaring your age and keeping it a mystery; dressing up, down and from the heart; talking about death and thinking about past and future lives; walking sticks, wheelchairs and flying in your dreams; wrinkles, bulges, spider veins and bunions; ‘old’, ‘elderly’, ‘senior’, ‘nag’, ‘ageless’, ‘prune’, ‘sage’; discussing disease, incontinence and great television shows; sharing stories of crime, adventure and nonconforming genders; considering the struggles of growing old in a young, technology-focused world; food, genes and other things passed through generations; uncovering long loves, heartbreaks and sex that evolves with age; swimming as a magical way to keep fit in spite of on-land mobility challenges.

– TGR editor, Xi Jie Ng

The Grandma Reporter was created by Salty (Xi Jie Ng) from Singapore. 

Salty's works dance between social practice, film, performance (often as Pierrot), installation and writing. She is now in the MFA in Art & Social Practice programme at Portland State University on the National Arts Council (Singapore) postgraduate scholarship. Visit saltythunder.net

<-- Salty & her maternal grandparents on a sleepover